DIY Decorative Lace Painted Dishes with Martha Stewart Glass Paints

by Kira @ Her New Leaf on September 12, 2012

Stencil dishes with a doily motif

I was recently asked to try out Plaid’s new Martha Stewart glass paint – these products are hitting the shelves of Michaels stores as we speak! I have done a few ceramic painting projects before and love the medium. It is so fun to create something that you can use or display in your kitchen every day! When I received my products from Plaid, I was almost overwhelmed with all of the possibilities – the glass paint can be used on glass as well as ceramic surfaces so there are tons of ways to work with it.

I decided to create some decorative plates using the lace doily silkscreens. This was my first time using stencils or silkscreens for painting ceramics, so it was a new experience for me, but I was really surprised at how easy the products were to use!

Painting supplies

To stencil your own ceramics, you will need:

Martha Stewart Crafts glass paint in several colors
Martha Stewart Crafts adhesive silkscreens (those shown come together in one package)
Martha Stewart Crafts foam pouncers (I used the medium and small sizes)
• ceramic or glass dish

Stencil painting on plates

Prepare your surface by cleaning your plate with soap and water and removing any price sticker residue with rubbing alcohol. Be sure that your plate has dried completely. The cleaner your plate is, the cleaner the transfer through the silkscreen will be.

Remove the silkscreen from the backing paper and position it on your plate, then press around the edges to adhere it to your surface.

Custom painted plates and mugs

Dip your pouncer into the paint (don’t you just love the word pouncer?), blot off the excess, and apply it to the silkscreen by dabbing the pouncer up and down. It’s important not to depress the sponge tip too much, because that may cause bubbles to form in your paint and will affect your transfer. Just gently tap-tap-tap it all around your silkscreen.

I created a gradient effect but using several complimentary colors of paint together. To do this, I painted one section of the stencil with one color, then painted the next section with a different color, overlapping some to blend the two. I really like this faded effect, and it was a great way to try out a few colors. Note that there are several finishes of the Martha Stewart glass paint – I used a combination of the “Gloss” and “Frost” finishes (Gloss is shiny, Frost has a little shimmer).

Stenciling printing on glass

Working quickly, fill in your silkscreen, then immediately peel up your stencil. This paint dries fast, and it is important to remove the silkscreen while the paint is still wet. Rinse any remaining paint off your silkscreen immediately with water because allowing the paint to dry in the mesh can damage the silkscreen. If you make any mistakes or smudge the paint while you are working, simply wipe it away with a damp paper towel and start over.

To create this layered effect, print with several stencils all over the surface of the plate, being careful not to touch any wet paint. Let dry completely (24 hours), or cure in the oven (directions in the next paragraph) before attempting to layer another silkscreen on top of your design. Be very careful when applying the adhesive silkscreens a second time, because they can sometimes peel up the paint that has already dried. This did happen to my plate in a few places but I think the imperfections blend in just fine.

Once your design is finished, you need to cure your piece to preserve your design – directions for curing are included with all of the paint products. Allow your paint to dry for one hour, then place your dish on a cookie sheet in a cool oven. Heat the oven to 350˚, bake for 30 minutes, allow to cool in the oven, then remove. For best results, you should hand wash these pieces. Please note that this paint is not food safe, so these plates should be used for display purpose only or as chargers in a dining set.

Martha Stewart Crafts glass painting

Have you ever used glass or ceramic paint? What would you make for your kitchen?

For more info on Plaid’s new Martha Stewart glass paint, you can check out Plaid on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Please note that I received product and payment via The Blueprint Social for this post, however, opinions are 100% my own. For more information, read my disclosure statement.


Free Download: September Calendar Desktop Wallpaper

by Kira @ Her New Leaf on September 10, 2012

You guys! It has been too long! I always say that blogger apologies are annoying, but I just have to say I am sorry for being away from you. As you probably know, I’m going through some really huge (but awesome!) changes in my life and it’s just taking me a bit to sort out where blogging fits in.

Marcus and I had a great trip without any major hiccups and finally made it to Boston last Saturday. I started my classes and I’ve been a busy bee getting settled into my new apartment, working on school work, and making new friends. I promise not to leave you hanging again, but posting might be a bit less than regular as I sort out my new schedule and figure out how to make everything work. I still have a few great guest posts saved up for you! But for now, your monthly desktop calendar!

Cloud sky photo

Download September desktop calendar wallpaper

This month’s wallpaper is little bits of sky from all over the country – photos I took on our cross-country trip! I hope you enjoy it!

Discover Beauty font from Da Font


Road Trip Style: West Coast to East Coast

by Kira @ Her New Leaf on August 27, 2012

Hey guys! As you read this, Marc and I are traveling through middle America on our way to Boston – keep up with our travels (and relieve me of some inevitable road trip boredom) by following along on Twitter and Instagram. I have a few friends lined up to share some great posts with you this week! Today Amanda from LoveCreative Blog is here to share her picks for West Coast and East Coast-inspired fashion. I hope you enjoy it, and be sure to head over to Amanda’s beautiful and inspiring blog!

Well hello there Her New Leafers! I’m Amanda from LoveCreative Blog where I post about design, music, and fashion among other things. Today I have a little style post inspired by Kira’s cross country road trip from the Best Coast West Coast to the East Coast! I love road trips so much—funky truck stops, sunsets and sunrises in the rear view mirror, amazing off-the-grid food finds, and singing yourself hoarse to your favorite CD. But one thing’s for sure, you gotta be comfortable when you’re facing for 10 hours or more in a car. These 2 outfits are easy, comfy and practical.

California Fashion

I’m a SoCal native, so I know a thing or two about dressing for the West Coast: bright nails, arm party, shorty shorts, tank top with light weight shirt for night time, sunnies, and add in a straw cowboy hat and a fringed bag for some flair. Usually I would opt for sandals, but serious driving calls for something more sturdy like these cute boat shoes.

Nautical Preppy Fashion

I always think East Coasters are a little more sophisticated than us California beach bums. I would try to make more of an effort with a flirty skirt, sheer blouse and metallic flats. Brights are still in, but maybe try to match a little like this cardigan, satchel and nail combo in hot orangey yellows. Shades and hat go without saying, and don’t you just love that tortoise shell watch?!

Have a fun and safe drive Kira! We can’t wait to see what Boston has in store for you!


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