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Thank you for you interest in advertising with Her New Leaf! Her New Leaf is a lifestyle blog that focuses on handmade crafts, home DIY, blogging, and more. I believe in inspiring others to try new things through sharing my own experiences, so I write about everything from home decor to photography to personal style; whatever is new for me at the moment is shared here at Her New Leaf!

By promoting with Her New Leaf, your business will be seen by thousands of readers who provide my site with over 3700 daily pageviews*. Last month, Her New Leaf was viewed 111,775 times with a one-day high of 13,222 views. Each post is promoted to 560 Twitter followers, 796 Facebook fans, and 1666 Pinterest followers. Additionally, Her New Leaf currently reaches 1348 RSS subscribers who follow via Google Reader, Bloglovin’, WordPress, and email. In April 2012, Her New Leaf was listed as the #1 up and coming crafts blog on Bloglovin’. *Daily pageview average, based on Google Analytics for June 2012.


Ads are currently available in two sizes: large and standard.┬áPrices are monthly and can start on any day of the month – no need to wait until the first! Large ads (160 x 160 px) are placed above standard-sized ads and rotate with each page refresh. Large ads also include a sponsor feature on the blog to bring additional interest to your business.

Standard ads (160 x 80 px) also rotate with each page refresh and still offer the benefit of being seen by my readers all around the world. Ads are priced low to target and support other bloggers and small business owners. I choose to support only those products and businesses that I truly believe in, so for that reason, all ads and sponsors are subject to approval.


Her New Leaf also offers two giveaway spots per month. I ask that giveaway prizes have a value of at least $50 and be relevant to the content and readership of Her New Leaf. All giveaway prizes are subject to approval. You may specify how entries to your giveaway be made (ie. visiting your shop, commenting, tweeting, etc). There is a fee of $22 to host a giveaway on Her New Leaf.


I hope you will choose to promote your business with Her New Leaf! I am always open to hearing suggestions for how you would like to work with me. If you have any questions about the information here or if you would like to book an ad or giveaway, email me at – I look forward to working with you!

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Leigh Somers June 21, 2012 at 6:59 am

Kira, take a look at my client’s website and let me know if you think it would be appropriate to advertise on “her new leaf”. Thanks


Kira @ Her New Leaf June 25, 2012 at 10:27 pm

Hello Leigh, thanks for your interest in advertising on Her New Leaf, please send all ad inquiries to – thanks!


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