Life Lately

August 13, 2012

As my time here in LA winds down, Marcus and I have been working hard to check things off our list by visiting our favorite places, going places we still haven’t gotten around to, and doing things we just don’t find time to do enough. I spent most of this weekend unplugged so I apologize […]

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Sponsor Lovin’

August 11, 2012

What did I do to deserve such wonderful sponsors? I just had to introduce them to you and encourage you to go check out the lovely folks who are sponsoring Her New Leaf this month! Want to become a sponsor? Go check out my advertising opportunities and find out how to purchase an ad space […]

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Introducing: myDIY, an Online Crafting Party!

August 10, 2012

One question I get asked all the time is, “How do you find inspiration?” And even though I know it’s not what people want to hear, the 100% truthful answer is: everywhere! While I know that I am lucky to have been born into a family of creatives, I do think it is possible to […]

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Handmade/Homemade: DIY Beach Chic

August 9, 2012

There’s still time to get those summer DIY projects done! Esther is here with some great ideas to help you soak up every last ray of summer sun! We just got back from a trip to Puerto Rico, and I’ve got the beach on my mind. It was so relaxing being out near the water! […]

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Instagram Canvas Prints by CanvasPop

August 8, 2012

As if you haven’t already heard, I am a fan of Instagram. Some of you probably even found my blog through my post on Instagram tips and tricks! I just love having that toolkit in my pocket all the time to share the little details of my day. So when CanvasPop offered me the chance […]

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Blogging Resource: Blogger Communities

August 7, 2012

Blogging is fun, but if you don’t have a huge following, it can be a little isolating, no? Maybe you’ve told your friends about you blog but they just don’t “get” it. If you’re looking for a place to meet other bloggers, learn new things, and share your story, check out these blogging communities. Better […]

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Handmade/Homemade: Beach Chic

August 6, 2012

As summer winds down, our beach days are numbered! Today’s Handmade/Homemade collection is inspired by the beach. Make sure you click through the link for those sea glass pieces – you will not believe what they are made of! 1. Geometric necklace by Alina & T 2. Hemp straw hat by Whats Olivia Wearing 3. […]

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